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Life is difficult in normal times for the Gandharba Dalit. Leaving their families in the villages and sending money home, the Gandharbas try to eke out a living by selling sarangis (very old, traditional musical instruments) on the streets of Kathmandu to tourists. Now, after the Great Quake of April 25, 2015 the tourists are gone. The Gandharba have gone back to their villages because recovery from the devastation will take years.

The Gandharbas were once the wandering minstrels of the southern Himalayas: bringing news, storytelling, and traditional singing to the villages of rural Nepal. Although in Hindu mythology, Gandharbas were thought to be divine angel musicians, their caste is the lowest among the Hindu hierarchy and they have long been considered to be ‘untouchable’: unfit to share water with people of higher castes, to walk on the same paths, or go to school with high caste children.

Gandharbas are landless people. 50% of everything their family in the village grows goes back to the landlord and the 50% they keep is frequently not enough to feed their family. Without the ability to send money home to supplement the family food supply, the purchase of land for them to grow crops and farm animals is critical. By keeping all the food they grow, it would be possible for them to survive the next few years by generating their own food source. There are 6 villages in the rural area of Tanahun, 4 villages in the rural areas of Gorkha, and 1 village in the rural area of Lamjung.

Not only is farm land and farm animals important, they will also need skills training because not all Gandharbas live in rural areas. There are also Gandharba in the cities of Bhaktapur, Kavre, and Laltipur. Your donations will also pay for training for making items that would easily sell in the city. Stool making can be easily taught and the stools are items that are used by every household and are easy to sell. There are many other types of training that can be offered once there are donations to purchase the supplies and pay for the trainers.

Please give generously. Your donations will make the Gandharba survivors of the Great Quake independent and self-sufficient.